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PECINOX IS A recent company created by a team of three specialists in the building market, construction and finishing materials for both Civil Construction and Decoration. Also specialized in the production of equipment and products for habitation, our company dedicates its most efforts to the business of a wide variety of acessories: tubes, plates, etc,... for the design and production of stair railings, balcony guards and swimming pool guards and protection solutions, and all the acessories built and related to the Inox materials. Following our motto ,"Quality", demanded nowadays by all our partners and customers, PECINOX is tottaly avaiable to serve all the market, both national and abroad, with all its experience, efforts, dedication and dynamism, in order do give our partners all they need for the new markets demands.

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- PECINOX has a specialized team ready to help and give you specialized advise, creating studies and solutions to solve whatever you need or wand for your home or business. We know everyting can be beautifully made in Inox. And Quality as a name: "PECINOX".